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Tofino 2019

SSI & Tofino Trip 2019

Hi Friends!

As you all know, I’m going to be in BC in September with one of my best friends in the world, and many folks have asked to meet up for some fun adventures during the trip. I’ve enclosed here our itinerary including where we’ll be before Tofino so that you’re welcome to join for any part of the time we’re there.

As always if you have questions HMU at

Travel Dates

September 3rd to 5th- Vancouver

  • Minyami for sushi on the 4th, if you want to join!

September 5th to 8th- Salt Spring Island

  • Ruckle Park Camping

  • Salt Spring Bread Company and Goat Cheese

  • Hike Mount Maxwell

  • Hike Mount Erskine

  • Kayaking the harbour and chocolate beach

  • Ganges Market on Saturday the 7th

September 8th-11th- Victoria and Jordan River

  • Meet up with the Vic gang and have dinner at Bryce’s

  • Possible one night out in Jordan river to visit Jerrett

  • Leave from Vic morning of the 11th to drive to Tofino

September 11th-18th- Tofino

  • Drive through slowly, stopping at sights on the way

  • Stay on peninsula- airbnb sleeps 5.

  • Mostly cook in house, both Paul and I have work during the middle of the day from a coffee shop.

  • Surf with Jerrett and Bryce if they can make it

  • Hike islands, option to bear watch, whale watch, hot springs, etc.

  • Open sea fishing on the 14th, message me if you want to come

  • Get drunk in local watering holes and eat tacos, etc.

  • Hike and beachcomb around area as we feel

September 18-19 Vancouver

  • Drive back, drop car, one night airbnb and then we head out

Travel Info

Who is Coming

  1. Caithrin

  2. Paul

  3. Bryce

  4. Laura and her enigmatic +1

Who is Potentially Coming

  1. Kimber and Jacob Jaccobson

  2. Bryce’s +1

  3. Caithrin’s friend Mae and her +1

  4. Some other good Victoria folks who we know and love

  5. Jerrett our awesome new friend in Jordan River

  6. Other folks as invited, please just check in with Caithrin pre-ask

Financial Details

  1. Staying in the house will be 45/p/night or so- if this is an impediment to you coming, just let me know and we’ll work it out.

  2. Camping is not currently allowed in the B&B that we’ve chosen, so I’m in the process of re-booking. I’ll email everyone when I know the final location!

  3. Food will need to be bought pre-Tofino unless y’all love 5 dollar avocados and/or dubious processed cheese. Message me if you’re bringing grub, so we don’t all end up with only salt and vinegar chips and hot dog buns.

  4. Booze can be bought in Tofino relatively easily, but we’ll be bringing some SSI cider and booze with us from the island- message me if you want me to pick some up for you.

Trip Prep

  1. If you want to come Ocean Fishing, you’ll need to do a little paperwork- here’s the application, its 20 bucks for non-residents and cheaper for you BC locals.

  2. Bring hiking boots and a day pack if you want to do some walking.

  3. Paul & Caithrin have made a solemn vow to trail run every day we’re out West- we suck, but you know, come join us anyways.

  4. If you don’t have a ride from Vic, let us know- we are taking at least 3 cars and have loads of room.

  5. If you want to surf while we’re there, hit up Bryce for board transport- not sure of the timing from his end but the Bongo is your best bet.

Other Details- message Caithrin!

Looking forward to seeing all you amazing friends so soon!